Principal's Message


Dr.(Mrs.) P.R.Chandra

Education begins with the dawning of a sense of responsibility for oneself and one's kith and kin. Responsibility includes, providing skills for the all-round well being of oneself and the entire creation. One aspect of education is exploring ways and means of livelihood. If education is to be truly educating, the sense of responsibility should extend beyond oneself to the totality of the life around.

Monotony makes us forget to ask the question, "Is life all about learning a few skills, earning a livelihood, breeding, sending one's children to school, their settlement, retirement and death or does life offer a higher destiny ?" Do not let anything to come in the way of fulfilling our urge of acquiring higher destinies. Whatever may be the challenge, one must reach the highest peaks of desired goal.

I believe that every one of us has the ability to rise to a challenge. The three years at Nachiketa, provide the students, a finely crafted environment to grow and move towards the world.

Welcome to the Class of knowledge Leaders!

"Arise, Awake and Learn by Approaching the Excellent Ones."

Therefore always free for Enquire

Nachiketa College of Computer Science, Commerce & Advanced Technology